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November 25, 2014

Me and my mom just moved to Placerville. Our property had a lot of brush and trees that were dangerously leaning to power lines or growing dangerously close to the house. Our main concern was fire hazard so we decided to hire professionals to clear the property and build a defensible fire line.

Hilltop did an amazing job clearing out the brush, cutting down and trimming large trees and disposing of branches. These guys were fast and had all the right heavy duty equipment to get the job done. They showed up right at 8:00 am with all the equipment ready to go. All of the guys were seasoned professionals, very friendly and super helpful. They even took the time out of their busy day to fix and sharpen my mom’s small chain saw… wow thank you!

We are very glad and thankful for the job Hilltop did for us. Me and mom will use their services again in a heartbeat and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone we know!

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